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Branding and design management for Kurt Geiger London, KG Kurt Geiger, Miss KG, Mini Miss KG, Vince Camuto and Nine West. Kurt Geiger ltd is an authority on designer footwear who have supplied Selfridges and Harrods for the past 25 years, making then Europe’s largest luxury footwear retailer.

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AW18 Campaign Rollout, Rebrand & Art Direction

Sale Concept

Not For The Gym - Trainer's Campaign

Art Direction

Directing a photographer to capture still life of Kurt Geiger London and KG Kurt Geiger products. Each shot should give the product a sense of end use through the characterful pose; conservative, sassy, surprising etc.
Previously poor selling lines, such as the Ludo suddenly became best sellers when one of these still life images were use.

On-Model Photography

Implimentation of on-model photography, working with an agency to brief styliing, pose, brand pairing and QC on each shoot. The imagery needed to communicate an idea of end use for each product, which had to be relatable to the customer. Faceless and dressed all in black ensures that customers can 'see' themselves in the proposed look, with an up-selling opportunity of combining bags/accessories and shoes. Poses are genuine, lifelike and relatable rather than harsh fashion poses. Each is tailored to display key features of the product; bags and shoes might be shot together but the most relevant pose to highlight each product is shown on their respective product page.
The prove really is in the pudding, with a big uplift in sales of products where an on-model shot is use.